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Compost maker - Garotta

3.5 kg box
3.5 kg box
This J. Arthur Bower's Garotta is made from natural materials selected to help improve the structure of home-produced garden compost, to maintain a neutral PH and speed up the process of decomposition. It will also provide food to help promote bacterial growth which will in turn encourage a temperature rise in the compost heap, which will kill off weed seeds and hasten the conversion of garden and kitchen waste into a rich compost ideal for enriching garden soil.

This formula is harmles to children, pets and wildlife and it's fast acting nature can help to produce your very own natural garden compost quickly and easily.

Sprinkle 2-3 tablespoons per m² of Garotta over each 8cm layer of new material. Then water the heap if the waste is dry or woody. Repeat this procedure each time a layer of fresh material is added. When the compost heap is full, leave 6-8 weeks to compost down completely.