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  • Nordeck chair oak
  • Nordeck chair oak
  • Nordeck chair oak
  • Nordeck chair oak

Nordeck chair oak

This beautifully crafted chair is the original design of this unique range. Crafted from oak and left in it's natural colour,it really evokes the simple, contemporary look that this range champions.

This chair can be enjoyed equally indoors or out and due to the nature of the oak, is very hardy. However when left outside, we do recommend some precautions are taken. The chairs must be kept out of heavy and prolonged rain, ideally in a garage or shed. If left out in direct sunlight, we recommend that you apply a retouch of protective oil ad hoc to preserve the natural beauty of the wood.

These chairs can be adjusted to two sitting positions easily. To switch the chair from a reclining position to upright, place one hand at the front of the seat to steady and hold the chair firmly. Next place your other hand on the top of the chair (near the head rest). Then lift the head rest up and slide back whilst holding the front of the seat steady. The back slats should now rest on top of the seat slats.
The seats can be changed from upright to reclining by doing the reverse of the above, where the back slats slide behind the seat slats.

Please note that this chair is supplied flat-packed. All parts are separate and full assembly will be required.


  • Height: 117cm
  • Length: 90cm


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