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  • Barbecue flavouring set

Barbecue flavouring set

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Barbequed food often tastes so scrumptious because it takes on the smokiness of the fire. This can be further enhanced by using timber that has been infused with different herbs. In this BBQ herb set, you will get a cast iron smoker box that can be filled with some woodchips (there are 3 bags of different types included in the set). You then place this box amongst the glowing coals and it will slowly release aromatic smoke that will make your food taste delicious. To make you a BBQ king (or queen), you will also receive two packets of herb seeds (1 of rosemary and 1 of thyme), which when grown can be used to add even more flavour, 2 metal plant labels so you know which is which, and some helpful growing tips and advice.

Measurements: 10.5cm x 10.5cm diameter x 5.5cm height